David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman TV series has already chosen Adrianne Palicki to play the superpowered single gal trying to have it all, and now it seems Elizabeth Hurley will be the bitter rival standing in her way. Hurley made the announcement via her Twitter feed last night, and while she obviously didn’t provide any details on the character, those who happened upon what was rumored to be the leaked pilot script already know that the primary villain is likely to be Veronica Cale: As with Palicki’s Diana Prince, Cale is a businesswoman dealing with a male-dominated world, and she cooks some evil mad scientist stuff because she resents Prince’s success both as an executive and as a world-saving crime-fighter. If only she could see Wonder Woman singing softly to herself using a hairbrush, she might see that deep down, she’s also just a girl who wants to be loved.