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Photo: Joe Maher (Getty Imjages), Image: Marvel

Outside of Doctor Strange—and the occasional mystical ninja nonsense happening in the now-defunct Netflix shows—the MCU hasn’t dug terribly deep into the magical side of Marvel’s supernatural equation. (Okay, and yes, also the Darkhold in Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.; can we get to our point now, please?) Now, though, some of its youngest heroes will be facing off against one of its oldest magical threats, with Hulu announcing that Elizabeth Hurley has signed on for the cast of Marvel’s Runaways, where she’ll be playing classic mystic baddie Morgan le Fay. (As in, yes, the one from Arthurian legend.)

Although she first popped up in “modern” Marvel comics as a Spider-Woman villain back in 1978, Morgan has been a recurring threat to a variety of heroes over the years—most notably the Avengers, who she once turned into her loyal minions after casting a spell that turned the planet into a twisted Middle Ages version of itself. (She’s also the one who taught her lover Doctor Doom most of his more impressive magical arts.)


Hurley last showed up regularly on TV as part of The Royals; before that, she had a regular role on Gossip Girl. Now she’ll be appearing in the third season of Hulu’s teen heroes show, presumably serving as a pretty major obstacle as the kids continue their efforts to escape their evil parents’ supervillainous grasp.

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