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Unlike her co-star Gina Gershon—who confirmed that she did occasionally look up from her script and observe what was going on around her when she told The Daily Beast, “I just thought, I’m going to camp it up and have a good time and still be good”— Showgirls’ negative critical and commercial reception hit Elizabeth Berkley like a marble under a pair of 6” stripper heels. She’s frequently described the experience as ”humiliating,” and has said that the embarrassment led her to quit dancing for years.

But now it appears that time—along with 4,000 fans—has soothed her pain somewhat, as over the weekend she made a surprise appearance at an outdoor screening of the film at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in L.A., a screening she damn well better have hitchhiked to while eating a cheeseburger.


After acknowledging how appropriate it was to have a Showgirls screening on the same day as the SCOTUS marriage equality ruling, she told the crowd that “I actually didn’t get to express the sweetness of a screening with a crowd that embraced it [before]…I wanted to thank you guys for giving me this gift of truly getting a full-circle moment of experiencing the joy with you because you guys and the love you have for this movie have made this the cult film that it is.” As the crowd cheered, a grinning Berkley added, “I appreciate you and thank you for giving me strength and confidence for becoming the woman I am…Nomi hitchhiked to Los Angeles, so if this is where she ended up, this is not bad.”

[via Defamer]


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