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Illustration for article titled Elizabeth Banks wants iPitch Perfect 2/i so aca-badly she’s going to direct it

A Pitch Perfect sequel was inevitable, what with the $17 million movie raking in $115 million at the box office, plus an additional $135 million on DVD and VOD. (Plus the soundtrack going platinum, and the Anna Kendrick single version of “Cups” selling 3 million copies.) But according to The Hollywood Reporter, original director Jason Moore has stepped aside, and producer Elizabeth Banks—who also played ICCAs commentator Gail Abernathy-McKadden in the first film—will be helming the sequel. Banks has directed several comedic short films, but this will mark her feature film debut. Stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson “are likely to return, according to insiders,” presumably unless they aca-demand too much money to reprise their respective roles as college a cappella champions. You can also probably expect another accompanying soundtrack album featuring mash-ups with a distinct lack of bottom-end, and a general overabundance of "aca-" used as a prefix.


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