Now that Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland has become such a universally tolerated film, the race is on to remake every last fairy-tale character and beloved Disney animated property as flesh and blood. We’ve reported previously on talking-meat transformations of Snow White, Cinderella, and The Little Mermaid, totally forgot to tell you about Maleficent until just now, and today comes word that Disney is moving forward with a “live-action romantic comedy” starring Peter Pan’s sexy insect friend Tinkerbell.

Elizabeth Banks will star in Tink—a project she developed herself through her Brownstone Productions shingle—which reportedly “plays with the mischievous nature of the Tinkerbell character,” so we're guessing that means she'll probably make life adorable hell for some buttoned-up, Patrick Dempsey- or Greg Kinnear-type go-getter, until he falls in love with her and learns to embrace his inner child. So far McG and Adam Shankman are attached to produce, though no director has been announced. Banks, who's actually known for being funny in stuff like Wet Hot American Summer, Role Models, and 30 Rock in addition to being super pretty, already has a one-up on some other live-action Tinkerbells we could name.