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Elizabeth Banks has Something To Celebrate at CBS

(Photo: Getty Images/FilmMagic, Paul Archuleta)

According to Deadline, Elizabeth Banks is set to executive produce a family comedy for CBS called Something To Celebrate. The series is based on a Spanish show of the same name (but in Spanish), and BoJack Horseman co-executive producer Vera Santamaria will be writing it. The series will focus on four adult siblings who work together in a bakery, and the Deadline story says each episode will be “loosely centered on a specific celebration and/or gathering.” Interestingly, the original series only aired eight episodes of a single season, so this isn’t a situation where a foreign smash-hit is being adapted for American audiences. Instead, maybe it’s just that Banks and the other producers thought the idea of a family that loves to bake and celebrate things would be more appealing to American viewers than it was to Spanish viewers for some reason.


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