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Eliza Hittman's Sundance stunner Never Rarely Sometimes Always gets a new trailer

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Eliza Hittman’s anticipated Beach Rats follow-up, Never Rarely Sometimes Always, has emerged as one of the most acclaimed films currently making the festival circuit. It was swimming in buzz at Sundance, where our own A.A. Dowd caught it, and went on to win the lofty Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize at the Berlin Film Festival.


An intimate story of a pregnant Pennsylvania teen faced with few options outside of a bus trip to New York City, Never Rarely Sometimes Always is, per our review, “vital and timely, especially at a moment when the legality of abortion is coming under fresh judicial attack.”

Our review continues, “[Hittman] expresses her empathy and political conscience through a refined version of what’s become her signature style, zeroing in on details of place and behavior, both magnified by the reliably involving scenario of two kids from the sticks navigating the hustle, bustle, and bright lights of the city.”


Watch the trailer below.

Never Rarely Sometimes Always arrives in theaters on March 13.

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