Trading his acting safari suit for his producing safari suit, Roger Moore has partnered with his son Geoffrey, Heroes/Alias writer Jesse Alexander, and Con Air/Expendables director Simon West on a new version of his most famous character that isn't currently being played in a far more lucrative manner, The Saint. The 1960s British TV show—itself an adaptation of Leslie Charteris' long-running book series—will get an update, with Hunted star Adam Rayner reportedly attached to assume Moore's old role of Simon Templar, the sly, modern-day Robin Hood who uses his cunning skills to steal from corrupt politicians, warmongers, and other swindlers in cleverly elaborate ways, yet still can't draw a better calling card than a crappy little stick figure.

According to Deadline, Eliza Dushku is now set to co-star as Rayner's longtime love interest, Patricia Holm, a willing partner to The Saint who—as seen on Dollhouse —can maybe help him by assuming any identity, from a person who seems confused by the very words they're saying, to a person is disproportionately aggressive and confident considering their actual physical size. It's the first American remake of the beloved British property since the 1997 film starring Val Kilmer, an affront for which America will now atone by putting Eliza Dushku in it.