Although Tru Calling and Dollhouse seem to have proved that an Eliza Dushku-starring series is hardly a dush-coup, said the guy angling for Gene Shalit’s job, TNT believes it finally has just the role for her: a tough lady cop, at play in TNT’s Land Of The Lady Cops. The potential future Ghostbuster will star in Bird Dog as said tough lady cop, who gave up patrolling the Big City (hopefully following a dramatic incident to be revealed later!) to relocate to a quiet Pacific Northwestern town, where she proceeds to bird dog criminals, brah. Then one day she meets her new partner: Her very own father, a former New York cop himself! How lame and embarrassing and odd for a bureaucratic decision!

Suddenly tough lady cop and father-cop are sharing a squad car and their feelings—catching crooks and catching up, breaking down doors and emotional barriers, putting a stop to crime and years of cumulative resentment—or, as Deadline puts it, “This father-daughter team, call sign ‘Bird Dog,’ is being put to the test—not only in solving crimes, but with each other.” Can you do a forensics test on the breaking of the human heart—only, you know, metaphorically? We’re about to find out.