Back in December, Eliza Dushku bowed out of TNT’s Bird Dog, about a small-town female cop who’s partnered with her estranged father, according to strict department regulations that all related police officers have to grudgingly relearn to love each other. That turned out to be a smart move, as TNT dropped the show before it even made it to air—which would have been a new record for the unfortunately cancellation-prone star of Tru Calling and Dollhouse. And perhaps Dushku’s rocky experience with post-Buffy dramas is behind her inspiration to branch out into sitcoms, as Dushku will star alongside Damon Wayans in a CBS untitled sports comedy based loosely on ESPN’s The Herd, with Wayans playing a flashy radio host and Dushku his on-air sidekick. Or perhaps it’s because, as Dushku avows on her Facebook page, Damon Wayans is her “comic idol,” as anyone who’s seen Dushku’s hilarious Mike Tyson impression can attest. Or maybe it’s the hope that two stars whose series inevitably get tagged with “short-lived” (though to be fair, Wayans’ My Wife And Kids did manage to last four seasons) will somehow cancel each other out and reverse the trend. If that’s the case, maybe they need a color commentator played by Jimmy Smits?