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Eliza Coupe to play a video game character in Seth Rogen’s Future Man


Vulture reports that Eliza Coupe has been cast in Seth Rogen’s upcoming Hulu pilot Future Man, about a janitor who saves the world. That janitor—named Josh Futterman—will be played by The Hunger GamesJosh Hutcherson. Josh spends his days with a broom and his nights with a controller, living a second life as a top-ranked player of the game Cybergeddon. One day, characters from the game he plays pay him a visit in the real world and inform him that the game was all just a training manual and that as the number-one player, he has been chosen to go back in time to help save the world (in case you’ve forgotten, Rogen and Future Man collaborator Evan Goldberg smoke a lot of weed).

Coupe will play Tiger, a futuristic soldier from the Cybergeddon game. With the help of fellow game character Wolf, Tiger recruits Josh to save the world. But she also has a secret she’s keeping from him! Deadline describes Tiger as “sexy, tough, and intense,” suggesting that the super-soldier doesn’t really break out of the tropes women are confined to in video games, but who knows—maybe Future Man will surprise viewers by making Tiger a real person and more than just a sexy, impractical outfit. She has a secret, after all.


Rogen and Goldberg executive produce Future Man alongside Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising co-producers Ariel Shaffir and Kyle Hunter, who co-wrote the pilot. Coupe recently guest-starred on The Mindy Project, Superstore, and Quantico and recurred on Hulu’s Casual. She also starred as the oft-terrifying Jane Kerkovich on Happy Endings, which is still cancelled—stop reminding us!

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