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Elisabeth Moss not-so-subtly confirms that she's Universal's Invisible Woman

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Earlier this month, we reported that Elisabeth Moss was being considered for the starring role in a new, gender-swapped remake of The Invisible Man that would be rising from the ashes of Universal’s Dark Universe with the help of Upgrade’s Leigh Whannell. Back when the Dark Universe was a thing, Universal had plans to remake The Invisible Man with Jonny Depp in the eponymous role, but the collapse of that whole scheme after the failure of Tom Cruise’s The Mummy has thankfully spared the world from having to watch Johnny Depp get overpaid for another lousy genre movie—and granted us what could be a much more interesting version of the story instead.


In an interview posted by BuzzFeed today, Moss essentially confirmed this new take—called The Invisible Woman, we assume, but not the Sue Storm version—by dropping this very informative non-answer when asked about the rumors: “I would say that I can’t talk about it. I can’t really talk about it, but I would say that it’s… I can’t say anything about it.” She later added that she doesn’t think she’d be “replacing Johnny Depp necessarily,” just that it’s “an incredible story that maybe needs to be retold, but maybe with a woman.” She also reiterated that it “theoretically” would be a good idea and that she’s not necessarily saying that she’s actually doing it, but come on, she’s doing it.

The original Invisible Man came out in 1933 and was based on the H.G. Wells book of the same name, centering on a scientist who gradually loses his mind after learning how to turn invisible, but with a proud Scientologist like Moss involved, this remake could put a more contemporary spin on it. Like, maybe the person who disappears could be the wife of a man who runs a cult-like religious organization, and instead of literally becoming invisible, she could just somehow avoid being seen in public for 11 years? We’re not sure where we came up with that, but it definitely sounds like an incredible story.

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