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Elijah Wood to star in FX comedy pilot opposite pot-smoking dog

Disney-eyed dormouse Elijah Wood is an actor of estimable talents—but can he do comedy? Anyone who’s seen Rob Reiner’s North would say, “What was that movie about again?” But no, seriously, Wood definitely has a sense of humor—evidenced by his cameos in King Of The Hill, Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Freak Show, and this Mortified video—and now FX is banking on the Lord Of The Rings star as a viable sitcom property, developing a remake of Australia’s Wilfred with Wood as the lead. Wood will make his television series debut as a guy whose romancing of the quintessential girl next door is complicated by her not-so-quintessential “bong-smoking dog who thinks he’s human,” to be played by original series star Jason Gann in a fur suit. The pilot will be filmed this summer under the direction of Randall Einhorn (The Office, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia); here’s a little taste of the source material.

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