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Elijah Wood joins Vin Diesel in The Last Witch Hunter

Elijah Wood has some experience acting in movies about horrible mythological creatures that nobody likes, so it’s fitting that he’s joining Vin Diesel in director Breck Eisner’s The Last Witch Hunter. This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which doesn’t say who Wood will be playing, but we know he’s not the witch hunter in the title—that’s Vin Diesel. He’s also not the spunky witch that teams up with Diesel to help him stop a coven of evil witches, because that’s Game Of Thrones’ Rose Leslie. That means he could be a member of said evil coven, but most witches are women, so that’s unlikely. The only possibility, then, is that he plays some kind of mysterious fourth character, the likes of which have yet to be announced. Maybe he’ll play against type and be some kind of big, muscle-y ogre. Or he could play exactly to type and be some kind of small, weaselly goblin, or a futuristic video game snob. Michael Caine is also in The Last Witch Hunter, but we don’t know who he’s playing either. Maybe he’ll also be a futuristic video game snob. Either way, someone will be a futuristic video game snob.


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