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Elijah Wood and Stephen McHattie play a game of celebrity chicken in this Come To Daddy exclusive

We’ve seen Elijah Wood adopt all sorts of guises in his career—that’s the job of an actor, after all—but “mustachioed douchebag who brags about knowing Kendrick Lamar” is a new one. Wood hilariously satires self-important LA industry types in his new movie Come To Daddy, about just such a douche who travels to a remote seaside cabin to confront the father he’s never met, played by Stephen McHattie. That sounds like the setup for a Noah Baumbach-esque, dialogue-driven comedy, but Come To Daddy director Ant Timpson has a much more madcap, twist-filled—and yes, violent—plan in mind.


The intrigue starts early in the film, as father and son immediately begin testing each other’s poker faces. You can see that dynamic play out in the exclusive clip above, sizing each other up as they engage in a passive-aggressive game of chicken about (ugh) who’s a closer friend of Elton John’s.

Come To Daddy will open in select theaters and on demand on February 7.

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