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Elementary's next season will be its last

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Because social etiquette dictates that you can only have two versions of Sherlock Holmes and John/Joan Watson running around in the public consciousness at any given time—and god knows Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly weren’t going to just sit around, waiting their turn—CBS has announced that the upcoming seventh season of Elementary will be its last. The series stars Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu as Holmes and Watson, solving crimes in the modern day in a way that constantly sought to distinguish itself from that other TV show about Sherlock Holmes solving crimes in the modern day.


But we kid Elementary, a show that often does interesting things, while still sitting firmly in CBS’s “case of the week procedural” mold. (In her review of the show’s sixth-season finale, originally conceived as its series bow, Genevieve Valentine dubbed it consistently “almost very satisfying.”) Many of those best moments had to to do with the relationship between Liu’s Watson and Miller’s Holmes, two extremely difficult people forced to co-exist in a very slowly building bond of platonic love.

CBS aired the end of the show’s sixth season in September, finishing on an (apparently temporary) note of clearing the air, as Holmes and Watson move to London together to get away from all those delicious New York-style murders for a bit. (They’ll be back.)

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