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Electric Daisy Carnival is being sued by the father of a man who died there in 2015

(Photo: Steven Lawton/Getty Images)

Yesterday, we reported on the death of 35-year-old Michael Adam Morse, who died while attending this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. Now, Pitchfork reports that the father of another man who died at the music festival—this time in 2015—is suing its organizers for what he says were inadequate medical facilities and care.

Nicholas Tom died during the 2015 iteration of the event, from complications related to taking ecstasy. His father, Terry Tom, alleges that, at that year’s EDC, “medical services were scarce, medical tents were understaffed, volunteers had no medical experience, and there was insufficient access to water.” Tom is suing for wrongful death and negligence.


One of the world’s largest electronic music festivals, EDC pulls in as many as 400,000 attendees, who are often subjected to temperatures of over 110 degrees in the sweltering Vegas sun. Given the attendance and the heat, it’s not entirely surprising to learn that there have been a series of isolated deaths related to the festival, dating back to at least 2011, when it was forced to abandon a smaller festival in Dallas, Texas, after similar temperatures proved unsafe for attendees. Meanwhile, the British version of the festival, scheduled for next month, has been canceled in the wake of the most recent death.

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