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El-P weighs in on Killer Mike's controversial NRA interview

Photo: Jamie McCarthy (Getty Images)

On Saturday, as the March For Our Lives protests were happening all over the country, NRA TV released an interview with Run The Jewels rapper Killer Mike in which he advocated for minority gun ownership and indicated that he didn’t support the recent anti-gun school walkouts. It was an obvious move from the NRA to try and distract from the protests and make its organization seem less out-of-touch with reality, but Killer Mike didn’t see it that way until Sunday. After receiving a lot of angry comments on Twitter, he decided to announce that he actually supported the message behind March For Our Lives and he apologized for allowing the NRA to use his interview “as a weapon.”

Today, Killer Mike’s Run The Jewels partner El-P has posted a pair of statements on Twitter, one regarding the general situation and one specifically regarding Killer Mike and his pro-gun comments.


The basic sentiment here is that El-P doesn’t agree with what Killer Mike said or how he said it (as in, by appearing on NRA TV), but they’re still friends and he’s not going to give up on their partnership just because Killer Mike did this one dumb thing. He also suggested that people should give Killer Mike a bit of slack, saying “you simply can’t deny” that he “consistently and ferociously tries to bring some light and love to this world.”

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