In last week’s Fan Up interview with Run The Jewels, El-P claimed to have written fan fiction about Sticks, a minor character in the Steven Seagal masterpiece Out For Justice. Sticks, who El-P describes as “some Asian dude who’s a ninja who uses pool cues so much that they call him Sticks, that he’s just on call for any time there’s ever any beef,” is brutally assaulted by Seagal’s character, Gino Felino.

As a compassionate man, El-P pictured this minor character in a third-tier action movie as “a family man who had to take a shitty, low-level mob enforcement job, and didn’t really want to be there. He shows up every day, because he has this one particular talent set,” before promising to find his fan fiction for The A.V. Club. On Thursday, El-P posted an excerpt from the story on his Tumblr.

A desperate, sad cough rings out from the floor. Stix lies on his back in a pool of teeth and blood.


Rehab was an intense thirteen-month program and there were times in which he almost cracked under the strain. I visited him, once, right after he was admitted. He was asleep. The clicking and whirring of machines filled the room.


Though this is all we have of the tale of Sticks for now, El-P offered some insight into the man’s fate: “Ultimately we leave Sticks in the hospital, and we don’t really know how it turns out. But we do know that his life is forever changed.”