Eisley says it will be touring in the near future, even without the $100,000 it requested on Kickstarter. In a statement, the group says that its motivation is “to continue being a band, writing songs, recording records, and touring,” even though it “ended up having to borrow $ from family for a good chunk of [the tour] and our label is lending us money against future royalties for the rest.” The group says that that’s the reality of them touring as a support act—which, why do that then?—but that “our nursing babies are too little to leave at home and it would be insanely wrong and dangerous to try to tour with 3 or 4 tiny babies in a van,” which, true.

The group also says that it’s not at all embarrassed by what it tried to do via Kickstarter, saying that rather it’s thankful that it reached the 60 percent funding level, even if it will never see any of that money.