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Edward Norton may play the villain in The Bourne Legacy

Edward Norton’s name has been added to the list of people intended to interest you in seeing the Jason Bourne movie that isn’t a Jason Bourne movie, with Variety reporting that Norton is in talks to play the villain opposite previously announced Matt Damon substitute Jeremy Renner. No word yet on who, exactly, Norton will play other than the fact that he will be evil—and given Norton’s character history, that may be just one of his personalities—but he would join a cast that also includes Rachel Weisz so far, which suggests writer-director Tony Gilroy is doing everything he can to stock his spin-off with people you might want to watch in a movie anyway, even if it is sort of a cash-in. As Variety notes, Norton hasn’t played a true villain since The Italian Job, but this should give him a chance to grow one of those sinister goatees of which he’s so fond.


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