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Edward Norton doesn't wanna do Fight Club bits anymore

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Two decades since its premiere, the satirical view of masculinity depicted in David Fincher’s Fight Club continues to spark debate. But, though the culture might not be through with it, Edward Norton sure as hell is. Swinging by The Late Late Show with James Corden, the actor, who played Fight Club’s spiraling narrator, found himself deterred from promoting his upcoming Motherless Brooklyn due to a Fight Club skit he really, really did not want any part of. (Sure, everyone’s in on the joke, but we can imagine that, for Norton, there’s plenty of truth to it.)


Anyways, after some deep burns—Corden calls Norton’s Incredible Hulk the Un-Credible Hulkthe host is rewarded a well-timed slug from Norton. As for the jeering staff? They thank him because, wouldn’t you know it, they’re also over Fight Club bits. 

Watch it below.

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