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Edgar Wright's next film gets a name and a star, specifically Anya Taylor-Joy

Photo: Eamonn M. McCormack (Getty Images)

Back in January, we heard that Edgar Wright’s next movie—after a documentary about the band Sparks—would be a “straight-up psychological horror-thriller” set in central London. Now we know a little bit more about the film, thanks to an exclusive report from Variety. For starters, the movie will be called Last Night In Soho, indicating that it will be set in a very specific area of central London (and possibly over the course of a single night, as horror movies often are). We also know that it will star Anya Taylor-Joy, who has parlayed her breakout role in The Witch into appearances in Split, Glass, and the upcoming New Mutants—a movie that Fox has been oddly quiet on for a while.

We don’t know anything about Taylor-Joy’s role in the movie, and we don’t know anything about what the movie is actually about, but this is more than we knew last month at least.


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