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Johnny Depp’s plan to amass remakes of the movies and TV shows of his youth like so many whimsical bangles ’round his wrist continues apace, with Disney now hiring Edgar Wright to direct Depp in its big-screen remake of The Night Stalker. As previously reported, Depp first brought the project to his Disney benefactors, presumably during one of the daily board meetings where Disney officials gather around while Johnny Depp gets stoned and rambles on about stuff he likes, and how maybe there’s a movie in that? And given that the influence of 1970s Night Stalker TV movie and series lives on in so many modern supernatural procedurals, and the role would afford Johnny Depp the opportunity to stretch out into heretofore-unexplored areas of hat (Straw this time!), naturally Disney jumped all over it. Wright—who’s demonstrated that he’s equally attuned to fanboyish pursuits in work like Spaced, Shaun Of The Dead, and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World—will now shape that project and that hat.


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