The Alamo Drafthouse has long had a history of great “shut your damn phone off” trailers, with contributions coming from everyone from Before Midnight’s Jesse and Celine to Will Ferrell. Now, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost have made their scolding debut, and it’s pretty damn cute. While it’s not as elaborate a set-up as the aforementioned Before Midnight PSA, the segment finds the Cornetto Trilogy team pimping their upcoming The World’s End and threatening “punks” to turn off their mobile devices and “be quiet if you don’t want your own world to end.” (Insert ominous music here.)

Fans of the Cornetto Trilogy can catch all three movies at a number of Regal Cinemas around the country this Aug. 22. For just $20, fans can watch all three films in order. For those who don’t live close to a Regal theater, Pegg and Wright say more screenings of all three movies will be announced soon, including screenings at AMC, Arclight, and, of course,  Alamo Drafthouse theaters.