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Recently, Edgar Wright opened up a bit about why he left the Ant-Man movie, explaining that he “wanted to make a Marvel movie” but Marvel didn’t want “to make an Edgar Wright Movie,” and it sounds like he’s still a little frustrated with how that whole thing went down. Speaking with Uproxx, Wright says that he hasn’t seen Ant-Man and won’t even watch a trailer, explaining that it’s like choosing to “watch your ex-girlfriend have sex.” Weirdly, though, Wright did almost see some of the movie accidentally on a flight once, when someone sitting near him put the movie on, but Wright chose to ignore it.

Still, while Wright has no intention of seeing Ant-Man, he says there are no hard feelings between him and the people who made the movie. He says he’s still good friends with star Paul Rudd (and he thought Rudd’s appearance in Civil War was “the funniest bit”), and he notes that replacement Ant-Man director Peyton Reed reached out to him during pre-production and “couldn’t have been more kind.” Wright says Reed even reached out to him recently to congratulate him on the release of Baby Driver.


Also, while fans may see some parallels between what happened to Wright and what recently went down with the Han Solo movie, Wright refuses to comment on anything like that. He does add, however, that he has “zero regrets” about not making Ant-Man other than the time he wasted while preparing to direct it, but he’s happy that he got a writing credit and that he got a chance to make an original movie instead.

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