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Edgar Wright announces he's bringing Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World back to theaters…you know, eventually

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Photo: John Shearer (Getty Images)

We’re coming up pretty quickly on the 10-year anniversary of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Edgar Wright’s raucously musical, video-game-injected trip through the dating life of one energetically dopey Toronto-based slacker. Tonight, Wright—whose services to the bored-indoors have been pretty unimpeachable of late, between this and his recent live-tweeting of Spaced—did a watch-along of the film on Twitter, walking folks through the billions of points of trivia and behind-the-scenes delights stuffed inside the movie’s close-to-bursting frame. It’s a ton of fun, especially since a bunch of people in the cast—including Aubrey Plaza, Chris Evans, Mae Whitman, Brandon Routh, and more—all chime in at different points with their fond memories of filming. (There’s also a lot of loud questioning of why the movie didn’t get an Oscar, since the live-tweet was presented as part of the Academy’s #WatchWithTheAcademy program.)

The most exciting moment—at least, depending on how much you like hearing about famous Toronto eateries—comes right at the end, though, when Wright announces that, as part of the movie’s 10th anniversary, he intends to bring it back to theaters…when that’s, you know, feasible. Wright notes that the original plan was to have the film back in theaters in August, for the actual anniversary, but he’s clearly committed to getting Scott, Ramona, Wallace, and all the evil exes back in front of people—because hey, what’s the point of having a widely beloved cult movie if you can’t show it off to people every now and again?

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