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Edgar Wright adds Matt Smith, Leave No Trace's Thomasin McKenzie to his new one, Last Night In Soho

Photo: Jim Spellman (Getty Images), Tibrina Hobson (Getty Images)

Edgar Wright’s newest feature now has a The Doctor in the house—sorry, sorry, we’ll stop—with Complex reporting today that Matt Smith and Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie have both signed on for Wright’s new thriller Last Night In Solo. Wright has been pretty closed-mouthed about what his Baby Driver follow-up will be about, but he has let a few details slip: The film will apparently jump between a 1960s setting and modern day, with Smith’s character acting as a “manager”—type undetermined, so that’s exciting—in the ’60s bits for the previously cast Anya Taylor-Joy.

McKenzie, meanwhile, will star in the modern segments, where she’ll be playing a “fashion student.” The young actress gained national recognition last year with her performance in Debra Granik’s survival thriller Leave No Trace; she also just finished filming on fellow New Zealander Taiki Waititi’s upcoming Jojo Rabbit.


We’re obviously huge fans of Wright’s output, so it’s exciting to see him assembling a cast of some of the most rapidly rising performers working right now—Taylor-Joy is on an incredible hot streak at the moment, and Smith, hot off a Star Wars, isn’t doing so bad himself. Still, we’re waiting to get a basic logline for the movie; “psychological thriller” is a pretty wide area for a genre hound like Wright to mine.

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