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Édgar Ramírez and Darren Criss to play victim and killer in American Crime Story: Versace

(Photo:  D Dipasupil/Getty Images)
(Photo: D Dipasupil/Getty Images)

At this point, it’s getting hard to keep track of all of the Ryan Murphy anthologies. Feud is about to premiere. Last night, Murphy announced (or threatened?) that the next season of American Horror Story will be about the 2016 presidential election. And on top of all of that it seems that casting is underway on the next three seasons of American Crime Story. Though the installment about Katrina is set to debut next, the one about the murder of Gianni Versace has reportedly found its stars. Édgar Ramírez will play the designer, while one of Murphy’s Glee alums, Darren Criss, will take on the role of the killer, Andrew Cunanan.


Still yet to be announced: Which actress will have to compete with Maya Rudolph’s indelible Saturday Night Live impression of Gianni’s sister Donatella. Murphy has debunked a claim that the part belongs to Lady Gaga, and told Watch What Happens Live he’s ”talking to a really great Oscar winner” instead.

[via TVLine]

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