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Eddie Vedder performs A Star Is Born's "Maybe It's Time"

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

There is a very good chance that we are simply destined to weather a steady drizzle of A Star Is Born content for a good chunk of the foreseeable future (which will, hopefully, spare us any additional front row seats to award-winning eye-fucking). If that’s the case, we can at least pray that it is all as entrancing as Eddie Vedder covering “Maybe It’s Time.”

The Pearl Jam front man performed a gently slowed down version of the track during his set at the Innings Festival in Tempe, Arizona. Penned especially for the film by Jason Isbell, the song was originally performed by Bradley Cooper’s Jackson Maine towards the beginning of the film, when he first meets Lady Gaga’s Ally. As to be expected, Vedder’s ode is as heartfelt as it is haunting.


Cooper partly based his character on Vedder and admittedly consulted with the rock icon during the scripting process. When Isbell learned of the cover, he appropriately fired off a “holy shit” tweet of gratitude.

A Star Is Born has returned to theaters for a brief spell, if you want to catch the original moment in context. The new release includes 12 additional minutes of footage, though you could probably just watch Vedder’s performance on loop and feel just as satisfied.

[Via Rolling Stone]


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