Beat Bugs

As reported by Deadline, Netflix has just announced a new animated kids’ show that grown-ups might be a lot more interested in than they’d care to admit. The show is called Beat Bugs, and it’s about a group of insects who are “charming, funny, adventurous,” and “have a knack for getting themselves into mischief and mayhem.” Together, though, they’re just a bunch of “knockabout, lovable kids” who like to “explore and learn in an overgrown suburban backyard.” Oh, also, the show will feature a bunch of Beatles songs covered by legitimately famous and popular musicians, like Eddie Vedder, Pink, Sia, The Shins, Of Monsters And Men, Regina Spektor, and Chris Cornell. Some of the songs included are “Help!,” “All You Need Is Love,” “Penny Lane,” “Yellow Submarine,” “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” “Come Together,” and “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”—with those last two seeming especially appropriate for a kids’ show.

Netflix has also released a short teaser for Beat Bugs, which prominently features Vedder’s cover of “Magical Mystery Tour.” Beat Bugs will hit Netflix in August, and the soundtrack will hopefully hit iTunes shortly after that.