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Eddie Redmayne shows his boggart in the latest Crimes Of Grindelwald trailer

The second installment in Warner Bros.’ Harry Potter spin-off series, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, apparates into theaters on November 16. So it’s not surprising that the studio would show off some footage of Grindelwald and his various crimes at Comic-Con today, revealing a new trailer that shows Newt Scamander’s greatest fear, Jude Law’s Dumbledore being magically passive aggressive, and—in a little lore treat for true HP nerds—the franchise’s first on-screen appearance by Philosopher’s Stone creator Nicolas Flamel.


Slightly more surprising: Cast-mate Ezra Miller’s incredibly on-point cosplay game, which threatened to (and probably succeeded in) upstaging every thing else on the stage, wand-waving Eddie Redmayne be damned:

For those unfamiliar, Miller—who’s a core component of Warner Bros.’ strategy at the moment, appearing in both the Fantastic Beasts movies and the Justice League films—appeared on the panel as Toadette, the female counterpart to Nintendo’s beloved but inexplicable Toad. We know we should be focusing on all the magic stuff, but damn, Ezra: Nice job.