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Eddie Murphy is still into reggae, isn’t into Beverly Hills Cop 4

Back before Snoop Lion found out that there was more to Rastafarianism than smoking weed, he and Eddie Murphy released a reggae song, “Red Light,” that actually wasn’t terrible. Snoop Lion has since reverted to Snoop Dogg, but Eddie Murphy is apparently still feeling irie, and has just released another, perfectly acceptable reggae song, “Oh Jah Jah.”


Murphy tells Rolling Stone that he has not converted to Rastafarianism, and isn’t planning on releasing a full reggae album, although he might consider putting out a genre-hopping collection of music he’s recorded over the past 20 years or so should the people demand it. “I can go right now and put out an album in any genre. I can go right now and put out a country album. Or jazz,” he says.

According to Murphy, he never stopped making music, he just doesn’t want to sully the reputation established by “Party All The Time” with some mediocre bullshit. “Eddie knows, I’m aware when something is wack, and I know when some shit is good, and when it’s great…And I’m not putting out no track that’s wack,” he says. That’s why Murphy maintains that rumors of a Beverly Hills Cop IV are just that, and that he’s waiting for the right script to come along before the project can move forward. “I’m not doing a shitty movie just to make some paper,” he says, presumably because he already did that.


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