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While much of Saturday Night Live’s alumni have stopped by Studio 8H to take on hosting duties, Eddie Murphy, who was a cast member from 1980-1984, has kept his distance (with the exception of an appearance during the 40th anniversary special). That’s all about to change when Murphy makes his return on December 21. As of now, there is no music guest scheduled for his episode, which is just begging for a “Party All The Time” joke, but we’ll spare you. 

The SNL Twitter account announced the show’s first round of hosts and corresponding music guests,which include first timers like Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Billie Eilish, Camila Cabello, and David Harbour. Woody Harelson, Taylor Swift, and Kristen Stewart are also set to make their returns.


But with most curious reveal is undoubtedly Murphy’s, who has a few things in the works between his upcoming Netflix film Dolemite Is My Name and the sequel to Coming To America. 35 years is a long time and while his original SNL material will forever be regarded as classic tentpoles of comedy, so much has changed. Has it aged well? With the existing audience consisting of old and new fans, would a revisit of the “Vintage SNL” (see below) have a comparable impact? Will they skirt around it entirely and just make Murphy spout a bunch of memes, rendering all this speculation totally moot? We’ll find out December 21.

[Via Variety]

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