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Eddie Izzard to star in NBC's Munsters reboot

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NBC’s darker, edgier, less punny reboot of The Munsters has cast the first actor to bring its more realistic vision of suburban monsters to life:  Noted makeup enthusiast Eddie Izzard has signed on to play Grandpa, the ancient shape-shifting vampire “who continues to have Herman under his thumb”—beginning with living rent-free on Mockingbird Lane, instead of using some of the wealth he reasonably should have accrued over his centuries of existence to maybe think about getting his own apartment. Izzard will also join writer Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer in producing the project, which is still being developed and edge-ified. His presence suggests that the new version of Grandpa will not only be every bit as sarcastic as Al Lewis’ incarnation, but given to reenacting his many run-ins with history through whimsical imaginary dialogues.


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