Comedian and actor Eddie Izzard has joined the cast of Sony’s Playstation Network-exclusive superhero detective series Powers, based on the popular graphic novels by Marvel scribe Brian Michael Bendis. Despite our most fervent hopes, Izzard will not be reprising his previous supervillain role as dapper disco-themed henchperson Tony P from the 1999 cult classic Mystery Men. Instead, he’ll play Wolfe, a prominent figure in the comic’s mythology, reimagined for the show as an imprisoned, taunting master criminal in the Hannibal Lecter mold. Because that’s what Eddie Izzard does now: creep people out from inside cages.

Also joining the cast are Noah Taylor, recently seen as the villainous Locke on HBO’s Game Of Thrones, and High School Musical co-star Olesya Rulin. Taylor will play Johnny Royale, a prominent figure in the Powers underworld who acts as both antagonist and informant for the already-cast detective protagonist Deena Pilgrim and her as as-yet-uncast partner Christian Walker. Rulin has been cast as Calista, a street-wise youth who was central to the graphic novel’s first story arc.