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Ed Sheeran sings to Arya in his Game Of Thrones cameo

(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Al Pereira) / Game Of Thrones

HBO is keeping spoilers for the remaining episodes of Game Of Thrones locked down pretty tight, leaving us to speculate on little more than fashion, but we’re learning a surprising level of information about the upcoming cameo appearance from little English moppet Ed Sheeran. We previously reported that Sheeran thinks he’ll survive his appearance—or at least his character will—and now Sheeran has revealed that he’ll actually be stretching his talents a bit by playing some sort of singer. This comes from WatchersOnTheWall (via Screen Crush), which says that Sheeran’s scene features Arya Stark (played by Maisie Williams), who listens to him sing a song then says “Oh, that’s a nice song.”

That doesn’t really tell us much about Game Of Thrones in general, but assuming “Oh, that’s a nice song” is a direct quote, it does indicate that Arya has moved past her “badass assassin” phase and is now becoming something even more vicious and deadly: a snarky teenager. Very few people say things like “Oh, that’s a nice song” if they really mean it, so even if Sheeran’s character doesn’t literally die in the episode, his self-esteem probably won’t be in a very good condition.


On the other hand, maybe this comes after a moment of quiet reflection for Arya, and she’s so touched by Sheeran’s weird rapping and little looping tricks that she truly feels compelled to say that it was a nice song. Or, better yet, maybe she’s actually just paying homage to the old Plug Bag song from Comedy Bang Bang.

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