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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled Ed Helms to star in iEpic Fail/i, a movie that is actually called iEpic Fail/i

Joining a lineage of movies like LOL and That Awkward Moment that draw inspiration from today’s timelessly hip Internet lingo, Lionsgate has begun developing Epic Fail as an action-comedy vehicle for Ed Helms. According to Variety, the film that should prove attractive to bloggers—what with its relatable web-speak and built-in critical pan headline—would find Helms playing part of an “elite, but highly unorthodox, special forces team” whose bumbling and interpersonal drama are matched only by their “excessive firepower.” It sort of sounds like a spin on The Expendables, albeit one where all the comedy is intentional, and boasting the cinematic thrills that only a meme superimposed over cats falling down can convey. As of press time, First World Problems and Sorry Not Sorry are still available for movie titles, should, say, Sofia Coppola and Zach Braff want to claim them real quick.


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