After briefly turning The Office into his very own show, Ed Helms is moving on to doing that sort of thing in a more official manner by executive producing a new comedy for ABC. The single-camera series, created by Archer writer Mike Arnold, doesn’t yet have a title, though it does have the timeless comedy premise of “a gifted but dysfunctional big-city female attorney who moves to a small town and is faced with the difficult task of adjusting,” in addition to fighting for her clients, wearing sexy mini-skirts, and being self-reliant, all in a small town. “Now, I’m no fancy, big-city lawyer…” she’ll start to say before catching herself, yet another painful reminder that she’s having difficulty adjusting. Ideally some of that difficulty will be alleviated by a chance encounter with a kindhearted local, one who may not know much about big-city lawyerin’, but he does know a little something about love and being handsome. Also, pig shit.

UPDATE: Never mind! Ed Helms' publicist has contacted us to let us know that the logline originally described in The Hollywood Reporter is inaccurate. Instead, it goes a little something like this: "When a brilliant, strong-willed attorney loses her fiancé and job at the city's top law firm, she takes up with the scrappy, rival firm of misfits across the street." So forget the small town entirely. Instead it's a small, scrappy rival firm of misfits she'll be adjusting to, but still in the fancy big city. No word on whether that firm might still have pigs running around, though. They are scrappy misfits.