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Ed Helms in talks to star in the Vacation reboot everyone already assumed he was starring in anyway

Fulfilling all those earlier prophecies—and having bested Jason Segel in a competition of "Feats Of Goofy White Guy-ness" on the set of Jeff Who Lives At Home, presumably—Ed Helms is all but confirmed as the lead in New Line's attempt to reboot the Vacation franchise, according to Variety and everyone, months ago. Of course, Helms had previously denied starring in the project from Horrible Bosses' John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (who will direct from their script), but it still seemed like a given considering that the duo explicitly called for an all-grown-up Rusty Griswold who is, like his father before him, "an everyman, goodhearted, maybe a little bit of a doofus," and Steve Carell is mostly into movies where he walks around in a wounded daze right now. Though, given the shape-shifting that Rusty undergoes across the series, perhaps it's just that Helms meant he plays but one of his many incarnations within the film, Rusty's "everyman" face constantly molding and reshaping itself as it cycles through thousands of doofus white guy contours. Perhaps if we freeze-frame at just the right time, we will even see ourselves.


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