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Ed Helms’ band is releasing its first album

The Hangover Part II
The Hangover Part II

Everyone loves it when an actor is in a band, everyone except Johnny Depp and whoever is unfortunate enough to interview Billy Bob Thornton. It’s like seeing a good friend do something new that they’re not quite good at, but you tell them they’re good to protect their ego. It’s one of the few times us normal people get to feel like we’re above celebrities. Plus, if the music is actually good, you get to be all snobbish about liking it. “Oh, Keanu Reeves is an actor? I only know him from Dogstar.”

The latest celebrity whose band we can all pretend to like (or maybe actually like) is Ed Helms. According to Rolling Stone, Helms and two of his friends, Ian Riggs and Jacob Tilove, started a band called The Lonesome Trio in college, and now that we’ve all agreed that there doesn’t need to be another Hangover movie, The Lonesome Trio has decided to release its first album. The band’s sound is reportedly “unique,” and it “blends acoustic folk, bluegrass, and lovelorn country with warm-hearted, often slyly funny lyrics.” Just remember, you don’t have to actually like it, you just have to pretend to like it.

The Lonesome Trio’s self-titled debut album will be in stores on June 16, and the band will be promoting it with a handful of tour dates this summer (see below). Also, Rolling Stone doesn’t have a tracklist, but we can only hope that the album will include “Bullfrog In Love” from The Office:

The Lonesome Trio tour

June 4—The Birchmere—Alexandria, Virginia

June 6—Rockwood Music Hall—New York City, New York

June 7—Third & Lindsley—Nashville, Tennessee

June 8—Terminal West—Atlanta, Georgia

June 11—Club Passim—Cambridge, Massachusetts

June 12—Space—Chicago, Illinois

June 14—Bonnaroo—Manchester, Tennessee

June 16—Largo At The Coronet—Los Angeles, California

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