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Ed Harris is also unsure of Westworld's end game

Photo: John P. Johnson (HBO)

If it feels like every new episode of Westworld raises more questions than it answers, you are not alone in your puzzle-box confusion. The Man In Black himself, Ed Harris, tells Vulture he isn’t always sure what’s happening, or in what period it’s all going down.

Harris makes the admission in a new interview that touches on the penultimate season-two episode, “Vanishing Point,” among other topics, including his obsession with Jackson Pollock in the ’90s. The actor, who plays William in what we think is Westworld’s present, says the amount of info that’s made available to the cast has fluctuated during the show’s run—early on, there were moments that felt like “news to me,” while in the second season, Harris says he “knew the path that my character was on and where I was headed.” Still, occasionally being in the dark never frustrated the actor: “I didn’t really fret about what I didn’t know because I didn’t know what I didn’t know” (which could be a line of dialogue from the show).


But just because Harris might know how his arc will play out, that doesn’t mean he’s glimpsed the bigger picture. “I’m as confused as anybody else watching this thing. I don’t always know what’s going on,” Harris says, explaining why he’s declined to direct an episode, despite executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s encouragement. For even more charming revelations about Ed Harris—including the news that he also loves Atlanta—check out the full interview here.

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