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Ed Begley Jr. is hung like a donkey in this exclusive Mascots clip

Screenshot: Netflix

This Thursday, Netflix premieres Mascots, Christopher Guest’s first feature as a director since 2006’s For Your Consideration. This particular gently mocking faux-documentary delves into the particularly goofy world of competitive sports mascots (not to be confused with regular furries, who are not to be confused with those other, sex-obsessed furries).

And from the looks of this exclusive clip, featuring A.J. Blumquist (Ed Begley Jr.) reminiscing about his days ”classically overcompensat[ing]” as the anatomically correct mascot Danny the Donkey, Guest is going for more broad—or long, as the case may be—comedy this time around:

It doesn’t get much broader than micropenis jokes. Or does it? You can find out when Mascots hits Netflix on October 13.


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