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Ecto-1 stars in the first teaser for Jason Reitman's Ghostbusters sequel

It was only last night that we learned Jason Reitman, Oscar-nominated director and son of Ghostbusters helmer Ivan Reitman, would be continuing the story of his father’s first two Ghostbusters films. Now, less than a day later, Entertainment Weekly’s here with the film’s first teaser, one that, per Reitman, is designed to raise more questions than it answers.

In it, Elmer Bernstein’s spare, spooky score underscores a moonlit field, a creaky barn, and the brief, kaleidoscopic spray of a proton pack. A car lies beneath a sheet, a gust of wind revealing it to be Ecto-1, the Ghostbusters’ iconic ride. Look close and you’ll also see a sheen of ectoplasm on the wooden fence outside. The homespun nature of it all echoes the film’s code name, which The Hollywood Reporter revealed is “Rust City.”

The implication seems to be that the Ghostbusters brand has gone dormant, and that some industrious presence is working to revive it. It’s unlikely that it’s Dan Aykroyd’s Stantz, however, as sources say Reitman’s story will reportedly swirl around four teens, two boys and two girls.


Reitman’s Ghostbusters sequel is slated to drop in the summer of 2020. Glean what you can from the above teaser.

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