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It’s time to get rickity-rickity-wrecked, again. While fans are still waiting for the next season of Rick And Morty, spending their time revisiting old episodes or playing the Pocket Mortys game, a new remix by Eclectic Method has come along that allows everyone to relive some of the highlights of the past two seasons with a great beat and rhyming quotes.


Rick And Morty has always had musical elements to it, whether it’s the Bowie-esque “Goodbye Moonmen” or the dance club classic “Get Schwifty.” Now the show’s dialogue has become part of its own musical tribute with this toe-tapping remix that features classic characters like all of the Smith family, Mr. Poopy Butthole, Mr. Meseeks, and Rick at his Rickiest. Please enjoy the musical stylings of the multiversal perversities of the show and continue to wait for new adventures of everyone’s favorite unhinged super scientist.

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