(Photo: Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images)

Italian food brand Eataly is adding “theme park” to its international portfolio of restaurants, supermarkets, and cooking schools. Rather than noodle-based rollercoasters and the subsequent (and presumably unending) tide of marinara-flavored vomit they would elicit, though, Eataly World will serve as an interactive wonderland for people who think farm-fresh produce is as exciting as a triple corkscrew loop.

Bloomberg reports that the gourmet chain is currently planning to open the park—a 20-acre complex featuring orchards, workshops, and 25 different restaurants—in Bologna, Italy next year. The company is expecting to serve six million extra-virgin food tourists a year, who’ll travel across the park on custom-made shopping baskets/tricycles, oohing and ahh-ing at cows getting milked in luxury environments, and virtual reality rides like “Man & Fire.” (You know, for kids.)


Eataly World is expected to open its doors in September 2017.