(Image by: Getty Images)

Damon Albarn—singer for Blur, mastermind behind Gorillaz and numerous other musical projects—decided to he wanted to keep performing recently, causing a bit of a problem for the staff of the 2015 Roskilde Festival. The Telegraph reports that Albarn was performing at the concert with the Africa Express project, but when the show ended at 4 AM, the musician refused to leave the stage. After some presumably fun conversations with his boss, a security guard was sent out to fetch Albarn, and when the singer refused to leave, the man simply hefted him up on his shoulder and carried him away.

It was the tail end of a five-hour set by Albarn and the Africa Express, a collaboration between western and African artists. Apparently Albarn was enjoying himself, and so, much like your three-year-old nephew at the playground, he dug in his heels and tried to keep the fun going. “Fuck what everyone says. You want more, we’re going to give you more,” he announced, to loud cheers. He then failed to deliver on that promise, as festival staff—probably less than thrilled at the prospect of an English rocker trying to force some overtime work on them—removed him from the stage with seeming good cheer. Albarn himself was also smiling as he was carried off, so perhaps the whole thing was a “bit of a larf,” as the Brits say. Which, as is well known, is an expression meaning “small amount of larf.”