Spurred to action by Clint Eastwood's Flags Of Our Fathers and Letters From Iwo Jima, the local municipality in Ogasawara recently petitioned the Japanese government to change the Pacific Island known as "Iwo Jima" back to its original name "Iwo To." According to local historians, problems began when Japanese naval officers moved in to fortify the island of Iwo To in 1944 and mistakenly identified it as "Iwo Jima." The name stuck, causing a great deal of consternation for locals ever since, who—according to Ogasawara press—are "extremely grieved every time they hear Iwo To referred to as Iwo Jima." Japan has officially adopted the resolution and plans to release a new map reflecting the name change on September 1.

Other Eastwood-related resolutions on the docket:

- A call for new regulations on the use of magnum force.

- "Every which way" to be amended to include "loose."

- Resolved: Jazz is awesome.

- From now on, Sister Sara only gets one mule.