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Eastbound And Down's Jody Hill is either making a Sam Peckinpah-style movie or a Dukes Of Hazzard reboot

Revealing the gossamer line that separates the two, we guess, Eastbound And Down co-creator Jody Hill is said to be working on an script that could either turn out to be an action movie "in the mold of Sam Peckinpah" or a Dukes Of Hazzard reboot. You know, one or the other. While those two are just different shades of backwoods gray, apparently, what is clear right now is that Hill is writing a story about two outlaws running amok in the 1970s South. What won't be clear until he finishes the script is whether those outlaws will have the same last name and a Dodge Charger emblazoned with the Confederate flag, and be encumbered with a franchise history and the onus of overcoming very recent memories of 2005's Johnny Knoxville-Seann William Scott-Jessica Simpson-starring Dukes Of Hazzard reboot—though the fact that its same producer is attached to this project hints that they might. But the final decision will be made by the Muses, and when Hill finds himself scripting a grisly slow-motion shootout, and suddenly a man named "Cooter" strides heedlessly into the hail of bullets, Hill will have his answer. And that's what the "Find/Replace" function is for.


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