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Earwolf is auctioning its signature-covered table (updated)

The Earwolf Media podcasting network—home to shows like Comedy Bang! Bang!, Sklarbro Country, How Did This Get Made?, Who Charted?, and a bunch of other Podmass favorites—is auctioning off the autographed table that’s been in its studio for the past few years. Guests of Earwolf’s many podcasts have a tradition of signing and/or doodling on the table, so it’s acquired the signatures of many famous people and objects of comedy-nerd devotion.

Earwolf’s moving to a new, bigger studio, which will require a new, bigger table, so it has put the table on eBay, where its starting price of $50 has risen to $285 since it posted yesterday. Fans will need to live in the Los Angeles area, because Earwolf isn’t shipping the 5-foot-long table, and they need to pick it up by Friday, March 28. But hey, the legs come off for easier moving.


Just think: This table witnessed the magic that was “Farts & Procreation.” It belongs in the Podcast Smithsonian!

UPDATE: No, it doesn’t—it wasn’t around for that episode. Savannah from Earwolf just let us know that it’s the table from Earwolf’s second studio, not the main one that has witnessed so much podcasting history. So you won’t be able to snarkily point out that Ed Helms wrote “your” when he meant “you’re” to friends if you win this table.

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